Coach Nikki’s Birthday


Happy Birthday Coach Nikki!






Happy Birthday Coach Nikki!

Reminder.  There will be NO evening Classes this Thursday Dec 8 for Tillman Physical Therapy and CrossFit Cedar Park’s staff Christmas dinner.

The last class will be Noon on Thursday and Classes will resume as normal at 5:15am on Friday December 9.



Dynamic Warm up 
Lunge stretch 6 each leg
Leg cradle 6 each leg
Hand walks (inch worms) 6
PVC shoulder circles 6
Press ups 6
Group warm up
29 Burpees for time (can anyone beat a min?)
(16 min)
fgb style
2 min row (max effort distance)
2 min chest 2 bar pull ups (reps)
2 min kb snatch (either arm switch as needed)
2 min rest
2 rounds
Press ups
Thoracic Ext
Knee on the wall
Lat band Stretch

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