Happy Veterans Day.

Happy Veterans Day. Thank you for your sacrifice and your service.


Open gym tomorrow at 9:30am.  Be there and bring a friend!


Holly Jolly III is next week.  This is one of the most amazing challenges we do.

Not only do you stay CrossFit through the holidays, you have a ton o’ fun doing it.

CrossFit Cedar Park's Holly Jolly II 2010


10 minutes to get max deadlift   CrossFit Total Rules
Finished position is hips/knees extended shoulders behind the bar.  
Bar must be lowered not dropped.

10 minutes to get Max Back Squat    CrossFit Total Rules
Hips must be below knees, and full extension at the top.
10 minutes to get Max STRICT press.  CrossFit total rules
NO DIP ALLOWED.  LOCKOUT AT TOP Ear must be seen from the side.
record total weight.
5 minutes of fun THE HARD WAY.
1 minute jack knife sit ups (20,14)
1 minute reverse sit ups
1minute jack knife sit ups (20, 14)
1 minute reverse sit ups (20, 14)
1 minute jack knife sit ups
score reps.
press ups
thoracic extension on the wall
int/ext rot.
overhead squat hold facing the wall/pole
A few of the veterans who have worked with CrossFit Cedar Park.
Thank You very much.
Deric Maruquin
Janice Maruquin
Liz Collura
Scott Isbell
Jason Smith
Marco Vasquez
Kathy Brown
Mike Brown
Rodney and Lachelle Robinson
Nathan Culver
Wade Aubin
Dave Nickel
Nate Claggett
Tom Rima
Garrett Huntington
Phillip Green
Ben Johnson
Michael Leigh
Nico Maroulis
Noah James
Donnie Ravelo
Amy Ravelo
Nick Randall
Jennifer Kruse
Valerie Mckenna
Dwaine Waits
Mike Martinez
Erin Carter
Omar Cruz
Jorge Fernandez

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