Awesome Competition Weekend!!!

Congratulations to Sam for winning 1st place in the Master’s Division at Wodapalooza!

Everyone who participated at Wodapalooza did awesome! You guys and ladies showed some terrific technique and “GO!” Congratulations on a great performance! Kelli Middleton, Becca Trower, Scott Rasmussen, Hillary Evans, Alice Hulsey, Angela Beechum, Jodie Goldberg, Mike Goldberg, Karl Torres (thumb dislocated – not broken!), Mark Geras, Doug Douma, Stefanie Roe, April  Vanderbilt, Shelley Kelso and of course, Sam Mooney. Thanks to Coaches Nikki and Jody for going out and “coaching up” our competitors!

Also – Congratulations to Coaches Carson and Wladi who represented at the Godai Competition this weekend! Carson came in 6th and Wladi 15th!


The Sign Up for the Holly Jolly III Challenge is OPEN

What is Holly Jolly?

This year’s theme  “Getting by with a little help from my friends”
This year will be awesome! Team competition, Challenge/Kickoff, Mid-way challenge, end Finale…. oh My!

Your coaches at CFCP want to keep you from falling off the wagon during the holidays, and jumpstart those 2012 resolutions. For that we are hosting the 3rd annual Holly Jolly Challenge. Teams of 4 will commit to eating the paleo diet and increasing their workouts for a chance to win the big money pot. Registration is open at only $30 per person. This year Coaches will be assigning teams to ensure they are balanced.


To Sign up – Holly Jolly III Sign up

The Hoodies

are also on sale for Pre-Order. We will be ordering a limited number of sizes – if you want to make sure you get your size, then pre-order!


You will notice a bit of change in our programming. After some prolonged conversation between our head coach David Tillman and his physical therapy (see Mobility Expert) Michael Tillman, we decided to move the Mobility Wods to the END of the workouts because research has shown that static stretching produces better flexibility results post workout. Please make sure you are ON TIME for your classes. It is important to Dynamic and Group Stretch in the beginning to warm you up for our Skill/Strength and have adequate time for your Wod and Mobility at the end. We want to have a healthier more flexible you for 2012!!


300 m sprints on rower.
3x cycle through rest as needed.
10 min


3 position snatch for quality.

Hang, mid- thigh, below the knee (not from the floor)

3-3-3 @ 70%

3-3-3@ 75%


10 unbroken rest approximately 30 sec repeat 3x
goal is to keep all unbroken.

MAD Mobility 2 minutes Holding

Keg stretch

Samson Stretch

press ups

shoulder bully

foam roll quads


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