In Just 30 minutes a day…

After Saturday’s Killa Wod, we have a special for the ladies.  FREE TO ALL!!!

Monday. Holloween-  The witchy wod.  9am at 609box  for the ladies.


Thoracic ext
Lunge stretch 6 each leg
Press ups
Shoulder bully.
20 ghsu
20 ghbe
Group warm up

Quick review skill Movements for today’s wod.

Set up 10 stations
scale as needed

In 3 minutes at each station perform as many reps as possible of

1. Deadlift (275, 195)

2. HSPU (rx is floor)

3. box jumps 24, 20. Hips must be open

4. Strict rope pull ups

5. Ghsu.

6. Hand release push ups

7. Row for calories damper on 10.

8.  Ring dips

9.  Squat snatch. (115, 85).

10 airdyne for calories (no damper).

Score reps and calories.  Ensure full range of motion and excellent technique!   Crossfit games standards of movement for rx.



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