Rubba Dub Dub two Chicks in a tub!

Rubba dub dub two CFCP chicks in a tub


After competing in the Oktober Obliteration on Saturday, Liz and Nikki slowly eased  themselves in an ice bath. Why torture themselves you ask? RECOVERY!!! We’ve heard some feedback lately about LACK of  RECOVERY from some of our clients. Most of the time when this happens, it is a NUTRITIONAL issue. You are not eating to recover. You need to eat the right amounts of GOOD food in order to gain benefits from your workouts. This is extremely important! Secondly, you may not be stretching or cooling down properly after your workouts. Cooling down, foam rolling, stretching (MAD Mobility) is just as important after the workout as it was before the workout. This time you are dealing with warm muscles and can really get in there and take care of those knots or tightness.

So if you are having trouble recovering from your workouts or get so sore that you can’t move (and you haven’t done three competition wods in one day), journal your food for a couple of days and email it or bring it to your coach. Let our expert, knowledgeable and educated coaches HELP you!! The same thing, if you feel “tweaked” after your workouts, say something because our goal is to make you stronger, faster and overall healthier.


Saturday, 10/29  is our “Killa” Wod and Costume Contest – 9:30am -609 Box – BE THERE OR ELSE!

Monday, 10/31 9:00am at 609 Box – Ladies “WITCHY WOD” 9am – wear a Halloween Costume or Socks and join us for some Frankenstein Kicks, Black Cat Stretches, Pumpkin Medicine Balls and great time! We will be serving some Witches Brew and Treats afterwards. INVITE all your lady friends to come hang out with us.

11/5 – Wodapalooza – we have a lot of Beginner and Intermediates CrossFitters competing in this at the Bell County Expo Center! We invite you to get involved. Compete, Volunteer or Show up to Cheer them on!

11/19 – Holly Jolly Challenge III – our annual team challenge to keep you accountable and on-track through the Holidays. Let us hold your hand through the Holidays and not worry about having to lose weight afterwards!

MAD Mobility
Corner stretch
Thoracic ext on wall (chest on the wall)
Press up.


Strict Press

Hang squat clean


In 7 minute AMRAP

5 burpee pull ups
10 kb swings (1 pood, 1.5 pood)
15 air squats



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