Blame it on the BOOM BOOM!


Coach Kindel works with GirlFit












Congratulations to Coach Kindel who is Pregnant!!  Boom!


So gang, If you come to open gym this Saturday at 9:30 you get to CrossFit with a CrossFit Gamer!  So Bring it.














calf stretch

roll calf
(trigger point, lacrosse ball)

press up.

bottom squat hold test

5 minutes




double under practice

10 minutes




Part 1

row 2 min (calories)

burpee 2 min

push press 2 min (135, 95)

3 rounds for  reps


Part 2


GET MAX UNBROKEN DOUBLE UNDERS  you get only 1 attempt!!


Score reps Part 1+ reps Part 2









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