The Food Course






NO OPEN GYM – Saturday


Barbells for Boobs – CrossFit Centex – Belton at 9am To participate, REGISTER!!

THE FOOD COURSE – Starts next week!

This 4-week program includes the following:

  • 3 seminars discussing how to make the best choices with food.
  • Grocery Shopping Trip
  • Pantry Make-over (optional)
  • Cooking Class
  • Recipe book
  • Resource Guide
  • 30-day Menu and Shopping Guide

Starting October 17th

You do not have to be a client of CrossFit Cedar Park to take this program. You also do not have to sign up for classes.

Contact for information

MAD Mobility

foam roll Lats
lat band stretch
foam roll quads
knee on wall
Corner stretch

SKILL practice 10 min
False Grip hang to False grip Pull ups

Video Demonstration


Partner up

In teams of 2. Adjust and scale as needed.

for strength and quality

200 steps weighted (db, kb, plate) lunges (knee should “kiss” the ground)
125 pull ups
125 sit ups (hands must touch the ground above your head and touch your shoes at the top of sit up)

One athlete works at a station at a time. so yes, one athlete may work on lunges while the other works on pull ups.













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