What?! Bench Press???

Cheyenne (14) & Deja (15) both participated in Fight Gone Bad 6 – they are both active in our GirlFit Program. Contact Robin@crossfitcp.com for more info.

Do you know about our youth programs?

CrossFit Kids  – ages 5 and up meet every day at 4pm at the 609 Box.

If you haven’t had your kid try out this class, you should. Coach Victoria makes this class lots of fun for our kids while getting them moving and exercising. This program can increase your child’s speed, agility, balance, coordination, accuracy, strength, power, flexiblity, cardiorespiratory/respiratory endurance, and stamina which helps them not only in life, but whatever sport they play. For a free class, contact victoria@crossfitcp.com


October 15th at 9am at CrossFit Centex

Kids wod – 30 burpees for Time

Adults – “Grace”

CrossFit Games Competitor Camille leblanc-bazinet will be in attendance

To participate, you must REGISTER!

LADIES NIGHT!!! This Thursday from 7-10pm at Baby A’s North. Come see what we look like when we aren’t dripping sweat! Its pretty awesome! Please RSVP on facebook if you are attending

OPEN GYM – Saturday at 9:30am


corner stretch (use a partner if no corners are available)

thoracic ext

tricep stretch

calf stretch(if running)

quad stretch


Max reps body weight bench press 1 attempt.  use a spotter.



for time

10-1   Start at 10 reps then drop a rep each round till 1

10 perfect push ups (hands on parallets feet on box or plates same height as parallets)

10 power squat cleans (115, 85)  (yes you must power clean then squat)

300m row

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