Food for Health

How does the way you eat affect your moods, stomach, joints and workouts?


Information for THE FOOD COURSE  and NU-U can be found on our website or email

OPEN GYM – Saturday 9:30am at the 609 Box

BARBELLS FOR BOOBS – charity event to raise money for mammograms in action is coming to Crossfit Centex in Belton, TX on October 15th. We have several people participating. If you would like to participate, please register and get involved. CrossFit Games Fan? Camille and other “famous” crossfitters will be at this event.


Press ups
lacrosse ball on hip/glutes
keg stretch
lat band stretch


Overhead squat

with a kb (1.5, 1pood, 2pood for technically advanced)
in this exact order

10 cleans  rt hand
10 cleans lt hand
10 jerks rt
10 jerks lt
5 tgu rt hand
5 tgu lt hand
400m run

for time

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