The Answer is Always…Squat More

CFCP with CPHS Band.  Summer fun when it was 110.  It’s so much cooler now.

CrossFit and Physical Therapy were made for each other!  Having a brother who is a physical therapist has

made me a much better coach than I could ever imagine.  Mike Tillman is not just a Doctor of Physical Therapy, he is a Guru and has put me back together from many a failed attempt at Evel Knievelism (they didn’t call me “roof diver” for nothing).

At CFCP over half our coaches work with the physical therapists in some capacity.

The knowledge they gain is priceless.  We are constantly looking for new and more effective methods to get all our athletes to new levels of health, fitness and even “stretchiness” as Wlad would

say.  We do a ton of mobility, here is a great way to get those quads from mobility wod.

Knee on the wall (w distraction) AKA Super Couch  
2 minutes each leg.
Calf stretch 2 min each
review Back squat
butterfly pull up.
then do 4 rotations of
max back squats in 30 seconds (225, 155)
max butterfly  (scale down as needed) pull ups in 30 seconds.
rest as needed.
for time
50 double unders
20 burpees
50 box jumps
20 burpees
50 double unders

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