Fight Gone Bad 6 Limited T-shirts



Fight Gone Bad 6 CrossFit Cedar Park shirts now available for order! Come and support the September 17th event this Saturday in style! In partnership with OneMR, CrossFit Cedar Park FGB6 shirts are unique to this year’s event, including the official 2011 FGB6 logo. The Men’s Fit are Canvas tri-blend shirts, gray with two color printing. Women’s fit are Bella, also gray with two-color printing, limited sizing.

T-shirts are available now for purchase will be available for pickup starting Thursday evening, September 15, at the CrossFit Cedar Park Free Paleo Talk at the 609 Box.


If you are participating in FGB6 with CFCP and want to buy this shirt, please contact directly for special pricing. Thank you for taking the time to raise money for 3 amazing charities!



Free Paleo Talk!

Thursday Evening at 6:30pm at the 609 W. Whitestone Location.

Please bring a chair.

VOLUNTEER to help with Fight Gone Bad 6! Contact or send her a facebook message!

If you are participating and have not met your goal – please ask Nikki or Robin for ideas! We can help you!

If you are not participating and haven’t donated to someone yet, take the time to donate to someone. These are 3 amazing charities worthy of your funds – AND its a tax deduction!



foam roll legs

knee against the wall

calf stretch

press ups

shoulder/lateral band stretches


Front squat


100 russian kb swings in as few sets as possible (heavy)

record # sets.


Tabata- perform 16 rounds of  20 seconds work 10 seconds rest

where the first 8 rounds are

Box Jumps

and the second 8 rounds are

Pull ups (No rest between box jumps and pull ups)

rest 3 min


Tabata- perform 16 rounds of  20 seconds work 10 seconds rest

where the first 8 rounds are


and the second 8 rounds are

Toe 2 bar(no rest between HSPU and toe 2 bar)

Record Total reps

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