Gymnastic Skills


Gymnastics Skills


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spend 10 minutes working on Kip/Butterfly position.


(30 Seconds on, 30 off 3x)
after 3 sets of 30 sec hold, 1-hold for max time.
(5 each leg x3)
Handstand Holds
(30 Seconds on, 30 off 3x)
after, 1 hold as long as possible.

Sub 4 Fran
Modify Fran to any level to finish in less than 4 minutes.  This will definitely require some help from you coaches.
(ex…Jumping pull ups, band pull ups or less weight on thrusters)
Rx= completion in under 4minutes/post weights and mods

The idea is to build intensity here.  Perfect form, scaled, AFAP (as fast as possible!!)

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