The Hero Course Wrap-Up

Thanks to everyone who participated in the The Hero Course! To everyone who worked out, sweated and bled. You showed up consistently each week and helped us honor our fallen heroes. You asked, begged and pleaded with friends and family to give money to an excellent cause. Thank you.

Thank you to those behind the scenes:

Bryan Goldstein – without him we would have no website, blog or working paypal account. He spent countless frustrating hours making sure this was done.

Each week, Trevor Hance would get up in the wee hours of the morning to move equipment from the clinic to the box. Sometimes he had help (thanks to Michael Fiorillo and Michael Tillman) and sometimes he did this all alone. He made the “Hero Effort” t-shirts each week as well and coached and watched as everyone else worked out. Thanks to Michael Fiorillo who showed up each week to coach and organize.

Gilbert Sauceda (The Color Factory) – for painting the 55lb Kettlebell, designing our banner/logo and making the t-shirts.

Pluckers – they allowed us to make money off their gift cards and supported our profit share – we received $128.00 from Saturday’s meal.

The final total to donate to The Military Warriors Support Foundation is $7500. It is awesome to think what that money can do for the deserving men and women who will receive the benefits.

Without our CrossFit Cedar Park community, this would not have been a success. We look forward to next year!

– David & Robin


16 rounds of 20 seconds work 10 seconds rest of

Shoulder to overhead (95,65)
Ring Push ups.

Score lowest round.

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