The Final Wod of The Hero Course


Thursday at 11:20,  Coach Trevor and Josh Kinser, Field Activites Director for the Military Warriors Support Foundation will be on KVUE to talk about The Hero Course – get your DVRs set up!

The final wod of THE HERO COURSE is Sunday, July 3rd at 6:30am. We invite everyone to come participate in the final wod. This will be followed by a BBQ breakfast. Please join us to celebrate our Nation’s heroes who allow us to continue to celebrate the 4th of July. Please bring a dish to share.


Skill – L Sits. Hold 30 seconds x 3

Hollow Rock Holds 30 seconds x3


(1.5 pood Men/1 pood Women)

5 Turkish Get Ups Right

5 Turkish Get Ups Left

5 KB Clean & Jerk Right

5 KB Clean & Jerk Left

5 KB Push Press Right

5 KB Push Press Left

Rest 1 minute

5 rounds



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