Along with many others, Nikki and Blakely are new to the family here at CFCP.  Nikki started 5 weeks after having a baby!  They love this stuff and are slowly drinking the same cool-aid you drank.  What would you do differently,  if you were just starting this journey into CrossFit?  Don’t forget to Cheer these newbies on! Encourage them to sign up for Operation Get Some!

Our very own Robert and Deric are competing this Sunday February 13th in The Fittest Games Challenge.  Robert is taking on some stiff competition in the intermediate category.   Deric is battling some elite level competitors from our region and a couple of ringers from California too.  Check it out here.  The fittest games challenge.

Top Scores from Monday (with strict press)

Mike F  10 rounds + 2
Jon 10 rounds
Robert 10 rounds


50 wallball (20lbs)
50 sit ups
50 doubles

3 rounds for time

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