Pink Ladies

Halloween Weekend!

Happy Birthday to Mike Tillman on Halloween!
We will have open gym tomorrow at 9:30am at the 609 box. For those of you who want to
come out to cheer on Mike Fio, Wladi, Liz and Nikki at the Butcher Challenge. Come out to CrossFit Central at 9:30am. It should be crazy CrossFit Fun.
10 Deadlifts (225, 135)
1 Double under
9 Deadlifts
2 doubles
8 deads
3 doubles
7 deads
4 doubles
6 deads
5 doubles
5 deads
6 doubles
4 deads
7 doubles
3 deads
8 doubles
2 deads
9 doubles
1 dead
10 doubles.
for time

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