Chad and Deric

Olympian Chad Vaughn, competed this weekend in the first ever CrossFit/USAW Weightlifting Open. Deric also competed and took 2nd place in the 69kg class. The event was an amazing mix of CrossFit and Olympic lifting. Olympic lifters taking on a CrossFit wod is a pretty cool thing to see. Several of the competitors jumped out of their comfort zone to attempt the triplet at the competition. Many of the CrossFitters posted some pretty good lifts too.

Check the video below to see what an amazing lifter Chad Vaughn is. Tons of respect to him for stepping out of that comfort zone and competing this weekend. Check out what Chad had to say about the event here.

After you watch Chad Vaughn Clean and Jerk 175 kilos. Check out Deric’s Clean and Jerk from the competition. Great Job Deric!


3 rounds for time

3 snatch (65-95)
15 overhead squat
400m run

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