Saturday OPEN GYM
will be at our new building
609 W. Whitestone Blvd
(1431 & Cherry Lane) Across from Great Shepard Luthern Church/School)
Call 336-0992 if you are lost.
There are maps at the front desk.

Mini-Baby Shower for Kindel! 
Many of you have had the privilege to workout with Kindel or be coached by her. We will be having a mini-shower for her following Saturday’s Open Gym – around 10:30. Please stop by to wish her congratulations. She is registered at Target & Babies R Us. Help us make this a special day for her. (Following Kindel’s shower we will be heading to Pluckers for lunch to help with the fundraiser for Deric.)
 Profit Sharing – as you know we are working hard to raise money to help cover some of the costs of the 2010 CrossFit Games trip for Deric Maruquin. Pluckers will continue their profit sharing campaign through Sunday, July 11th. PLEASE take the time to eat a meal there and 20% of your food bill will go towards this fundraiser.
the t-shirt sizes have already been ordered. However, if you want a specific size saved for you, please contact me asap and pre-pay. The t-shirts will be here next Friday. Once the sizes are gone – that’s it.
800m Run
50 Kettle Bell Swings (24kg/16kg)
30 Thursters (95lbs/65lbs)
800m Run

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