A Race Car. If you want the best performance, you’ll put in the best gas

Consider this a life-changing lesson about why eating like a caveman is a good thing. Forget retro, we’re going way back to Paleo.
In the process of morphing into the lifestyle of convenience that comes with modern technology, we’ve managed to evolve into a manner of eating that much evidence shows is detrimental to our health.

Early men and women all had to be “athletes” in a sense, hunting and gathering and having to move themselves anywhere they wanted to go. They ate what was available from the land — nuts, fruits, meat and seafood. Continue Reading.

And for all the UT fans out there…HOOK ‘EM!

Pull Up Ladder-
With the clock running continuously, perform 1 pull up the first minute, 2 pull ups the second minute, 3 pull ups the third minute. Continue in this fashion until you can no longer fit the number of reps required in the 60 seconds.

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