Team Names

This can’t be good…
Don’t forget to sign up for The Holly Jolly Challenge.
Several of the teams have already submitted names.
The WOD Quad
The Cereal Killers
3 Cleans and a Jerk
What is your team name?
Don’t forget about the happy hour at pluckers this Friday at 7:15.
Fun, Fun, Fun.
300 jump rope (some of the more daring have done 300 double unders)
200 lunges (steps)
100 squats
75 v-twists
50 sit ups
for time


  1. yellow_gin /

    hahahaha that last team name really cracked me up! that's a good one!

  2. Jason, Kindel and John did the 300 double unders – awesome and yet insane!

  3. Nikki Isbell /

    Jody C just did the double unders and beat Jason.

  4. Nikki Isbell /

    Copy/paste the link for more pictures from Open Gym last saturday.

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