Holly Jolly Challenge

WHAT: Another Paleo/CrossFit Challenge. Teams of 4 will work together to stay on track through the holidays. Scoring will be based on a point system lined out on the Rules portion of this packet. Points will be rewarded and deducted on an individual basis according to your ability to follow required workouts and nutrition. In the end, points will be totaled for the final team score. All points will be controlled by a CFCP Coach. Your team is only as strong as its weakest competitor.

This challenge is not based upon physical ability. So having a “firebreather” and a “beginner” on your team doesn’t make a difference. What matters is your team members’ ability to stay on track with workouts and diet through this Holiday season.

WHY: This team challenge was designed to keep you from falling off the wagon during the holiday season. It’s a jumpstart on those 2010 resolutions. By signing up you will have committed to holding yourself and your teammates accountable for staying on track through the holiday season. Don’t put everything on hold until the New Year. Thanksgiving and Christmas are only 2 days out of the year. Spending the next 2 months neglecting your health and over indulging on holiday junk food will lead to a fat percentage increase and physical decline. Who wants to ring in the New Year with that?

WHO: Teams of 4 people (no exceptions). See a Coach if you need help forming a team. This is open to members or non-members. Each team member is required to workout a minimum of 2 times per week at CFCP. Non-members can buy in at $155 for 2x/week or $220 for 3x/week.

WHEN: Sign up today!
Our first event will be a Happy Hour on November 20 at 7:15pm. Location TBA.
Challenge begins on Saturday, November 21st.
Holly Jolly Final Team workout will be held on December 21st. Details TBA
Today’s WOD is a surprise. To find out what it is come see us.

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