Blaze a Trail in Fitness and in Life

At CrossFit you can a will do the “impossible.” It is usually the mind that limits you so
become a trail blazer. Set new standards for yourself. You will have to get out of that
comfort zone. Rest assured, it will cause discomfort and even pain. You will however,
break through to a new level that you never thought was possible.

The Holly Jolly Challenge, Team competition is coming up on November 20th. Get your teams ready.


Tabata Run or Row


10 deadlifts (235, 145)
10 burpees
10 box jumps

5 rounds for time

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  1. Its the Holly Jolly Challenge
    Its the hardest you'll work all year
    I don't know if your team is slow
    but avoid that mug of beer
    Its the Holly Jolly Challenge
    And when you run down the street
    Say "3.2.1.Go!" to the teams you know
    and you better eat your meat.

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