What is the Chink in Your Armor?

Can you think of a day you walked up to the board anticipating the fate of your body in the WOD then see the list of movements and  say, “Well, no RX for me today…What’s the modification?”

In an article from the CrossFit Journal Greg Amundson learns a tough lesson when his poor command of double-unders costs him a trip to the 2009 CrossFit Games. What happened after that is the real story.
I did the first two Last Chance WODs, and when I got to the deadlift/double-under workout, I ripped through the deadlifts without any problems. I stumbled through the first 10 double-unders in a row before getting tripped up and missing a revolution. Then something amazing happened: I performed 33 double-unders in a row. That was 23 more than I had ever done before.

Then all hell broke loose. As I started my attempt for repetition 44, I failed. I tried again and failed. This continued for a painstaking full minute. It got to the point that I was unable to perform even a single accurate jump. It was horrible. (Read More)

If you don’t already subscribe to CrossFit Journal, I highly recommend it. $25 per year is worth the amount of information they publish daily.

AMRAP in 20
30 Double Unders
30 Thrusters  M=#65  W=#45
*Advanced Level do Dbl U’s and Thrusters unbroken. If you break you must start the round over.
*Modification for 1 dbl u is 3 singles. (30 dbl u’s or 90 single? What’s the chink in your armor?)

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