Fear Not

I’ve been watching a few of the females around our gym and wondering why they are still scaling their weights so low on the workouts. With 12 months of CrossFit and no history of injury under their belt, taking a wod that is a prescribed 95 lbs down to 65 lbs leaves me wondering where their desire for self improvement sits. Today, after the 5:30am class finished the WOD I asked what the deal was and the response hit home. “I’m scared of the weight.” I have to admit that I’ve been there. I didn’t even know I was scared of the weight until someone pushed me past what I thought was my limit. I very clearly remember that day, as I cussed and pouted about a metcon where I was strategically pushed into using 185 lbs on the dead lifts. That was the day I broke through a physical and mental block. I stepped off a plateau and into the next level of self achievement and all around improvement.
Ladies, take it to the next level and fear not! Guys, Don’t let our ladies crush you…
3 Rounds
10 Squat Clean and Press
400m Run

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