Congratulations Wladi

Congratulations Wladi!
Wladi has been CrossFitting with us this summer. In 5 short weeks he’s
dropped 5% body fat and 10.5 lbs. A competitive swimmer, Wladi hit
4 PR’s in his meet this past weekend. He attributes his success to CrossFit,
the Paleo diet and working his butt off! Congratulations Wladi. Great work.

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Back Squat Ladder
Men use 135
Women use 95
With a continuously running clock, complete one squat in minute one, two squats in minute two, three in minute three… continue in this fashion until you are no longer able to complete the required number of squats within that minute.

Last time we did this one it was cold and we used 95 and 65. Let’s bump it up a notch.

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