The Fittest People On Earth

Nikki Hall picking up some heavy stuff!
Jason Kalipa, last years champ trying
to make a comeback.
Tanya Wagner, The fittest woman on the planet.

Wagner’s overall performance:

WOD 1: 11th
WOD 2: 6th
WOD 3: 8th
WOD 4: 9th
WOD 5: 5th
WOD 6: 2nd
WOD 7: 6th
WOD 8: 7th

Mikko Salo, the fittest man on the planet.

Salo’s overall performance:

WOD 1: 2nd
WOD 2: 17th
WOD 3: 9th
WOD 4: 32nd
WOD 5: 4th
WOD 6: 11th
WOD 7: 2nd
WOD 8: 1st

No doubt, CrossFit creates the fittest people on the planet.



box jumps


Handstand Push ups

for time

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