Games Report one

We took over 400 pictures this weekend. What a great event.
The 75 fittest men and women on the planet going head to head
workout after workout. Amazing. These 75 beat out thousands.
12 qualifiers worldwide. The top 3 to 5 from each qualifier just to
get the chance to compete in 8 grueling workouts over 2 days.
With over 1300 affiliates world wide it is amazing that little old
Cedar Park could send Nikki Hall. She represented well
and gave it all she had. She is Cedar Parks Champion and
one of the fittest women on the planet.
Day 1 started with “The Run from hell.” It was truly that.
Followed by the deadlift ladder, then the sandbag sprint,
the “blue collar” workout and finally the couplet of wall ball
and snatch. That is just day 1. More pics and some video to come.
5 deadlifts m 225, w 135
10 pull ups
15 squats
5 rounds for time

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