When Words Aren’t Enough…


I want to say Thank You to every single person that is part of CrossFit Tillman Training. I wish I could sit down with each one of you individually and tell you how much your support and contributions mean to me. Every single dollar donated, every TShirt purchased, every pat on the back, every “you rock”, pulls so heavily on my heart strings. Making it this far in CrossFit is a dream come true to me, but to have my entire community backing me 100% of the way is what truly amazes me. Words just are not enough to show my gratitude for the generosity of our growing community at CrossFit Tillman Training.

Now, you guys work hard while we are in Cali. We’ll be back to kick your rear end next week!

Nikki Hall

7 Rounds
5 Push Jerks W:95 M:135
10 Ring Dips

(Dave posted links at http://www.crossfitcp.com/ that will be updated with tid bits on the CrossFit Games.)

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  1. You do rock Nikki & I know you're gonna do great at the games!! I wish I could be there to see you! I'll be wearing my shirt in Saturday so you know I'll "have your back" this weekend!!!

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