5 days away.

Had a great wod on July 4th. Team workouts rock! It is great to be an American.
Thanks to everyone who came out.

Mike and Keisha attended their CrossFit Level 1 certifications this weekend, so congratulations
to them. Hope they can walk today. Pictures to come.

This is the week before the CrossFit Games so we are all getting ready. Especially Nikki. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates.

All Classes are covered this week so you can definitely get your wod in.

From Central


8 rounds of 30sec work 30 sec rest

Men 135, Women 95

With a continuously running clock deadlift for 30sec, then rest 30sec, followed by cleans for 30 sec then rest for 30 sec. That is one round. Repeat 8 times. record reps.

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