Garrett came to us several months ago. He was
barely able to do a pull upand his first class
workout was “Fran”. He used 65 lbs and barely
finished. Since that day, Garrett’s consistency
made him one of the top finishers in The Epic
Challenge. Not only can he Rx “Fran” he has cut
his time in half. Garrett is leaving us to go to Iraq.
Today is his last day with us. He is a husband and
will soon be a father.
Good luck to you and your family Garrett!

Thanks for your time with us. We will keep you
and the family in our prayers.


Thrusters (95, 65)
Pull ups

For time

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  1. I remember very vividly the day I met Garrett. I was chasing MK up and down the isles of Lowes when he approached me and asked where I did CrossFit pointing to my tshirt!…This may or may not have been how he ended up at CFCP, but I like to think so. Because out of all the people that have approached me asking about CrossFit, not a one hold a candle to this man. I would trade every single "hey tell me about CrossFit" for one of Garrett's…..
    God's speed brother…your in my prayers..stay low and hurry home to your wife, baby, CF family and many more PR's!!

  2. Garrett has transformed himeself into a competitive CrossFitter. This isn't his last day with us. He promised he'd be back in our gym after Iraq. Keep working hard Garrett. Watch the main site and our site, watch the videos and continue educating yourself on the technique. You are capable of some big things.

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