Epic Final

An EPIC day.

The Epic Challenge finals proved to surpass the ordinary! Nearly everyone improved their time. The heavens opened up and poured down on us. In true CrossFit fashion no one flinched. Each and every competitor showed amazing heart and desire. Thanks to all of you for making this an Epic event. We have great photos and video coming, so keep your eye out.

Congratulations to the following competitors

1st place – Keisha Tillman
2nd place – Kelley Hulsey
3rd place – tie between Brittany Nichols and Julie Chreste

1st place – Jana Neumann
2nd place – Kimberly Kurachi
3rd place – Jodie Goldberg

1st place – Matt Fiorillo
2nd place – Garrett Hutchington
3rd place – Carson Thomas

Overall Fastest with a time of 4’20”
Michael Fiorillo

congratulations everyone!


4 rounds for time of

100 ft. of lunges.
30 box jumps
20 pull ups

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