Recently my good friend Trevor decided to eat paleo. Here is a an actual conversation that took place between him and his wife.

– 9:38 p.m.
Trevor: “Di, I’m going to be pretty strict about this paleo-diet”
Di: “Ok, what is a ‘paleo-diet’?”
Trevor: “You basically eat like a caveman. Meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts, natural oils and spices. No dairy, no grain and nothing ‘processed'”
Di: (snickering) “Okay, if you say so… What do I do about making you lunch?
Trevor: “Leftovers will probably usually be alright, but if not, just a can of tuna, some veggies and fruit — you know, just stuff I could kill and eat. And no grains or dairy.”
Di: “Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, okay.”
(4 or 5 minutes later)
Di: “Do you want to watch ‘Desparate Housewives’ with me? I DVR’d it”
Trevor: “Sure”.
(short pause)
Di: “I’m going to get some oreos and milk — do you want me to fix you some too?”
Trevor: “No thank you, Diane…”
– 7:07 a.m.
(Trevor walks into kitchen. Di has fridge open and stuff on the counter to make lunches for us.)
Di: “We really don’t have anything in the house to feed you for lunch today on that caveman diet.”
Trevor: “I know.”

It may be tough at first, but you will definitely feel better, perform better, and significantly improve your health. Keep at it. For more on Paleo, go HERE



DB Cleans (20-50)
Single arm overhead lunge
Pull ups
Wall ball (20,16)
mountain climbers (42-30-18)

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