Day 100

It is finally here! Day 100 of the burpee challenge.
Congratulations to all of you determined CrossFitters who pushed through the aches and pains of this tough challenge. You did your burpees through work, sickness, fatigue, the pain of burpee shoulder and anything else that tried to get in the way. You did not quit! Awesome Job.

After today’s wod.
Burpees done 5050
Burpees remaining 0


100 burpees for time.


  1. Garrett /

    I LOVE FRAN!!!

  2. NO MORE BURPEES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kris W

  3. kimberk /

    wooohooo done with burpees 🙂

  4. Nikki Hall /

    Garrett pours his sweat and blood out on every wod!

    Great job on Fran!

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