Epic Challenge

Epic Challenge is this Saturday, April 4th

Time: 8am – finished

Where: The Pit at CrossFit Cedar Park

Are you signed up yet?

Today is Day 71 of the burpee challenge – there is a light at the end of tunnel!!

I pulled this blog from a post on Facebook by Brad Miles – A CrossFitter from Kentucky.

Rapid Health Improvements with Paleolithic Diet
by Dr. Michael R. Eades. If you have not already considered trying the Paleo Diet, after reading the health benefits of this study, now might be a good time!


7 push press/push jerk #135m/#95w
400m run

5 rounds for time

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  1. im walking around san marcos like a peacock so i thought id let you guys know… front squat in 3’s 225/235/245/250 were successful lifts and i failed on the second attempt at 255. PR

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