Working Your Weakness

Often we find ourselves and our CrossFitters saying “this will be my new most hated WOD!” As coaches, we say “awesome.”

Working your weakness is one of the hardest mental challenges to overcome. We want to RX, we want to get a great time and we want to beat everyone else. The question is do you improve by working your strengths or working your weakness? I think the answer is obvious – working your weakness.

A portion of our in class WOD yesterday was Spartan Ladders (some call them windshield wipers). A notoriously difficult workout – it takes strength, stabilization and core control to execute the workout. For those who completed this particular challenge, we salute you! Great job!


“Fight Gone Baseline”

1 minute each of:


Score exercise by number of reps and Row by number of calories.
Rest 1 minute after completing each round

3 Rounds for Overall Score

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