He is CrossFit!

My son turns 6 on Sunday. He is CrossFit. Yesterday, his teacher did not show shock or surprise when he spent his nap time doing sit ups, push ups, and supermans. She fully expected this from him. Something inside him brings this desire to accomplish the seemingly impossible to life. He inspires me. He hangs inverted on the rings for as long as he can. He develops his own new versions of handstand push ups. All this, he does on his own, without prompting, without any pursuasion. We all have this same fire inside. Conditioned over years to stay inside the lines, we have restrained it. Let it loose. He is superfast, Spider-Man, The Hulk. He is CrossFit. Happy Birthday Buddy!

Day 26 of Burpee Challenge

From HQ



Pull ups

For time

guys 95lbs
gals 65lbs

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