We had the privilege of meeting and having lunch with Kyle Maynard this weekend.
He sees no boundries, no walls. He played football, wrestled in high school and college and is preparing for his first MMA fight! An avid CrossFitter he trains at NEA

Check out this clip and remember this the next time you want to skip that workout.


sit ups
sumo deadlift high pull
Run 400m
sit ups
sumo deadlift high pull
run 400m
sit ups
sumo deadlift high pull
run 400m

for time

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  1. Nikki Hall /

    I have to add this….
    Robin, Dave, Charles and I all sat down at Aussies for Lunch on saturday and Kyle & his partner, Ben, casually sat at our table. We enjoyed an hour of conversation and bad service.

    That picture was taken after Kyle, and a few hundred other CrossFitters, rolled around in the Austin Dust at Auditorium Shores. He did the same OH Squat, MB Clean & Burpee workout we all did. So next time someone tells me they can't do something I will email them this story!

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