Robb Wolf on Carbs.

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From Robb Wolf’s Blog,

“I received this message from Brian of Potomac CrossFit. Many, many people find the carb levels of the base zone to be too many carbs too often. This may be heresy in some circles, but it’s the facts. In Mastering the Zone Sears presents a flow chart for dealing with the too many carbs situation. It is interesting that Protein Power: Lifeplan Recommends a carb level of between 50-150g/day based on individual needs and carb tolerance. This brackets about 99% of people with regards to their Zone recommendation. I’ve had a number of people judiciously following the Zone yet still presenting signs of hyperinsulinism such as high blood pressure. I had these folks cut their carbs in half and they magically begin to not only loose body fat, but also decrease blood pressure to a normal level. If I did not try to keep a modicum of crossfit style conditioning I’d eat little beyond meat, veggies and nuts. Some more fruit int he summer and call it good. It seems like I had a period of time where I did fine on low carb and CF but not any more. Adrian Bozman mentioned the same thing when he was playing with cyclic low carb.

The bottom line is to ALWAYS make this stuff work for YOUR goals and needs”

Check out his blog.

It has tons of info on the Zone and Paleo.

Today is Day 12 of Burpee Challenge


Run 400
50 Wall Ball

4 rounds for time

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