Success Journal

CrossFit Bondage? Working on all
those “L” pullups

Don’t forget to use your CrossFit Tillman Training Success Journal. Track progress on
all of your fitness goals. Let the details open the door for each little victory. Journal your warm up. How you are progressing on those pull ups. Make notes of your squat technique. Write down how you overcame that muted hip on the push press. Compare your workout log with your nutrition log. Staying in the zone usually delivers the best workouts. So ask yourself, “how do I feel?” Then look at your performance and your journal. Every step of improvement on technique will speed up progress toward the pinnacle of fitness that extends far beyond what you desire.

Burpee Challenge, Day 4


If you haven’t done it yet,

Fit Test

Max Push ups 1 min
Max Sit ups 1min
400 meter sprint
Tabata Squats

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  1. And by bondage you mean a way to scale down the daddy of the strict pull ups – L Pull Ups

    Couples that crossfit together stay together, so everyone bring your Sig-o’s to our Free Workout at Millburn Park on Jan 31st at 9:30am!

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