Is CrossFit Your Sport!

I love football, but we all know you should not spend so much time sitting on your butt!
As some of us were watching the UFC fights this past Saturday,
wagers were made, push ups were perfomed.
Since CrossFit is the sport of fitness, what a great way to tie their sport to your sport (CrossFit)!

So as you watch those bowl games this week try incorporating some CrossFit.

How to make bowl games and playoff games into
CrossFit workouts!

Do 5 burpees each time a team scores!

Log how many you get in each game!

Come up with some of your own ideas to make watching a sporting event
into a CrossFit WOD. Post them in the forum.

Today’s WOD

20 Minute time limit
Failure is anytime the movement is broken.

Wall Ball (to failure)
Push ups (to failure)
Squats (to failure)
Mountain Climbers (to failure)
Sit ups (to failure)

Record reps and rounds.

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  1. Kelli, you and I can do toe touches for the # of touch downs just like the cheerleaders! Ha, I do 5 in a row and I’m sore the next day.

    CrossFit – Get in where you fit in!

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