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Monday, December 15, 2008


Training is going VERY well for me. Every day is a new PR (Personal Record). I’m doing everything as prescribed and am overflowing with pride at my accomplishments and motivation. Like I tell my clients or those new to CrossFit, “If CrossFit were your sport all your training would be put to the test on FRAN DAY!” Fran is 3 sets of 21, then 15, and 9 reps of 65 lb Thrusters and Pull Ups. My first experience with Fran as Rx’ed took over 10 minutes and I struggled with multiple attempts to get the last pull up to qualify. My second Fran was in late June at my CrossFit cert. I was so excited to get it done in under 7 minutes! But holy moly! Last week takes the cake! I walked away with a 4 minute & 26 second Fran time!!

Next goal, Sub 4 Fran!!!




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